“You don’t need data generalists.
You need data automation specialists.”

Founder, Head of Automation.

Social. Mobile. Voice. More Data.

SEO since 1998 has increasingly become the preserve of brands. While the fundamentals remain the same, the tactics have changed. Google and the like are continuously deploying ever more sophisticated techniques such as BERT to make sense of the internet. 

What started simple, has now snowballed into an ever more complex world of social and mobile. People now demand slick web experiences and  a highly sophisticated Google, using the latest AI to make sense of the web. This all generates a ton of data, but thankfully we made light work of making sense of it all.. 


This is how Artios was born. 

Our mission: to highlight the opportunities and help you exploit them.

What if

you combined data science, cloud automation and SEO knowledge? 

This is how Artios was born.

Our mission: to highlight the opportunities and help you exploit them.

Andreas founded Artios in 2015 to do something original – to apply an advanced mathematical approach and cloud AI/Machine Learning to digital marketing.

With a background in digital marketing, expertise in data science and cloud engineering, Andreas has helped companies gain an edge through data science and automation. That’s why he’s been trusted by Trivago, Lyst, Virgin Games, Dentsu & other leading brands.

His groundbreaking work on reverse engineering the Google Penguin algorithm to a 98% statistical confidence level has been recognised by Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land.

Andreas is a qualified management accountant, holds a degree in Economics from Leeds University and has specialised in data science and AI for online marketing for over a decade.

Andreas works with a number of other data specialists who can help tailor an automated data solution, according to a client’s needs.

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